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Published July 31, 2019

pixel ninja

My game is a mixed game type of arts and game type, I use pixel ninja arts for my first game projects,this game will be mixed and complex each level you go and best of this I focus on many others factor than other game, as solo developer I still break some difficulty in design a games.

pixel ninja

When I start to build a game, I had ideas, and focus on fun for playing, I avoid any type of game where users will be pushed to pay in-game goods, this kind of game is past, but working for big company, as a solo developer I stand with f2p before p2w game type.

I have my artist who designs a ninja player and I use other stuff from itchio site as this site will help me to build each level in the game, I use to build a game with more than one art style.

Game maker ninja developer

My game is created and build in-game maker, I use engine from official site marketplace for game makers,there is a lot of good free or paid engine for any game type you want,and many good and nice tutorial around youtube or community boards, this game maker is good for people who want to start design old fashion games 2d.

I hope you will read, ask and support me I start my game dev this year and still I am learning, and hope my first project will show as good for solo developer, and this is my first test to see how this kind of work will go,if I have sales more then 100 sales, I will be happy that 100 people see and like my games.

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