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Published August 1, 2019

pixel art platformer

Hello, this is an article about pixel platformers arts and best pixel art for buy on some sites for your own pixel platformers games.

My game use mixed design and arts, I use many arts for my own platformer from itchio sites, there is a lot of best design for your games.

pixel art platformer

Use this link to see some of the recent pixel art design by author and best things all art is cheap and can be used for commercial games, as the author needs some credits in-game or end of the game, this is something for game dev best things.

I used this site as my favorite for design a game like a platformer or any other types, use this site for your own projects.

Solo game dev tricks

Use this some of the tricks to create own game, make game mixed arts, focus on mix not just same arts for all game, if you build a platformer there are no rules how the game must look like, people like the new look, ideas and much more to use in the game.

When building and design a game avoid making a game for pay2win, make fun2play.

ninja platformer games

My game ninja platformer will be mixed between a platformer, puzzle, action and much more game type, arts in the game is simply mixed by pixel and normal arts,32×32 with 16×16 texture.

I use the engine from the game maker marketplace and use some other script and movement for games is awesome.

Still, I have 2 enemies in the game that needs to be improvements and I will do that later or end of building my game, I am just focusing on complex level for each level will be hard and complex than previous.

I hope you like my articles,be sure to comment,support or ask me anything.