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Published August 19, 2019


ninja is a game created with game maker studio.


The game creater is right software for those who ought to make straightforward or difficult game its your choice,but for begin use platformer game as your initial project.

Its easy to be told and focus on story and objective for your game,lot of developer merely get out of focus once turn out a game, exploitation to heaps of effects in game,or fancy cgi one factor is worst for game,make it straightforward and fun.

Platformer games|From scratch or engine

Before you start one thing,find some sensible engine on marketplace for game maker,there is ton of fantastic demo engine of any quite games.

You have to chose demo engine as your model of game,i use engine and build a platformer,if you start from scratch is sweet arrange you will learn heaps of but exhausting,as you’d prefer to perceive basic move of player,enemy and object,but with demo engine of any type you’ve got got in-built a

walk, run, jump, slide, attack and much heaps of, and you’ve got got done the beginning of the game.

Click on this link to establish the instance of a platformer game engine which is able to be used for your initial project, typically|this can be} often merely Associate in Nursing example.

Game maker platformer | Demo before publishing a game
This is one factor that each one new developer produce misestimation before you sell your game produce some demo to play,i want to establish very little of the game before i acquire full game.

Avoid ads in game,do not produce that user ought to acquire one factor before they play a game or one thing which is able to disturb a user and focus on pay2play.

Make very little forum board or official web site,ask users what they need to establish in game,report a bug,ask them what they like or not.Make button to report any flaw or bug in game.

ninja maker gm

Make very little rewards as a section of your game,this will produce users to play and focus on your game.

What I produce to reward users WHO report a bug, i am going to place his name at credits of the game, and tiny sculpture at the side of his name at intervals the gameā€¦

one person game developer | game created by one person 2019 true of lies
From on-line article typically|this can be} often lies,but true is simple affirmative you will be ready to produce game by self,its exacting job and dont assume {that you|that you merely|that you just} simply will produce ton of money as your initial project.but you will learn heaps of from your fails.

People who fails assume that no-one as alone developer can produce a game typically|this can be} often wrong,if you focus on one project you will be ready to produce a game,its easy and fun to creating a simple game.

Just avoid to create difficult game at begin and assume that your game ar abdominal aneurysm,focus on {little|very very little} indie games with little niche of people which is able to play a game.

ninja platformer game

Update my six level of game is finished,I hope end of year this game ar public,demo is ready to play on link on prime of.

Small update regarding my game work,i will place i next level maybe physical phenomenon background as I even have sensible backgrounds arts,and enemy ar more,basic attack,avoid for presently.

This is merely straightforward update regarding my platformers game which is able to be discovered at end of this year i hope.

Level game maker

Little bit update regarding my game,i am current at level seven,and this level is completely totally different then different,style and collaborating in level is hard and complicated then different.Each level i produce difficult and additional sturdy then different,each level ar created difficult and exhausting.

The video on prime of shows a small amount little of my level vogue i exploit dark forest pack from itchio, make certain to travel to itchio this pack is wondrous.I hope you will support and follow my works.


My game continues to be in developer time, but I even ought to figure my real job, so this month ar a small amount bit abate the progress of my game, but follow Pine Tree State for news, updates, and steps for my game.


Just finished level seven in my platformer ninja game,this level is full art design from itchio.I use dark forest pack,best pack for platformers game or the opposite type.
Now I even have entirely 13 heaps of level to undertake to.
Game maker level editor
I have designed my level with all totally different vogue, each level in my game is a completely totally different look and complicated.I hope you will have an honest time, and keep updated on this web site regarding my game.

After I finish a game, monthly you will have Associate in Nursing update with a combine of heaps of levels at intervals the sport, and each update will bring heaps of recent stuff at intervals the sport.


Today are going to be ready to|i’ll} begin with my eight LVL vogue and this level can bring heaps of difficult and exhausting to complete them then different before, once a quick delay i am happy to say that i am going to begin each free time produce one level heaps of, I hope you will support Pine Tree State and like my work.