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Published June 27, 2019

ninja platformer

In this article i want to show you my story how to create own game,and how i start my game.

Before you start any game developer,find your best motivation tutorial,true story and tutorials.There is lot of free tutorial on youtube about game maker,and forum board for game makers.

I start my game as simple platformer,but each day i work and learn coding,i make it better looking and faster,idea was simple create simple ninja platformer game where you jump,pickup and that is all.

But each day i learn i put something new and better,I learn that before anything you make,first find,write then make that,do not make game just for making money from,it will crash your dream at start of game dev.

Its hard job that will get you money but you need to work and wait, make more connection with people and in the end your first project can be just a simple test.

ninja platformer

Before you start creating game this is some of steps to do.

1.Focus your game on one thing fun and gameplay

That means make game to be funny with nice gameplay,sometimes small games is better then some big AAA games with better graphic and effects.Just look floppy bird as your dream test.

2.Use engine or start from scratch game

This part is your way,if you want to start from the scratch or buy some demo engine from marketplace then learn step by step.

3.Organize your game art,objects,group in game maker

This is something that all dev need to know,do not use something like me at start of game,ok i know every object,but look how my game look in game maker

ninja platformer
This is something that i do mistake and fail at start i dont use group for each objects in game,now i have everything mixed,and trust me with 100 objects in game you need to list for some object to find it.

4.Make demo before realise a full game

Ok this is what we all need to know,as you make small game,make demo game with 2 or 5 level just to see how people react to your game.This free demo must be free,do not put anykind of ads or anything that will avoid people to buy a game.

5.Make reward system for user

If i play game,what i need some reward,as you develop a small game,you can always find the way to make people more attract to your game.Lets say find a bug in game and reward will be your name in credits of game or small place that will be added your name in game.So people will play a game,have a fun and if they find some bug in your game,they will report and get rewarded by place a name in game as rewards

ninja platformers

In the end of this article last steps to your game dev life is,make game that is fun and unique,make something that will make people to like and play.Its not easy job,but with right community and social media you can always find small group of people who will like you game.

If you need money or something,you have patreon or other site to help you with small amount of money that people will help you with project,but dont beg for money or lies about something that you will never make,and just take small money from people who will pay you and like your project.

Game maker for beginners | 2d platformer

Game maker is one of the best software to start making all kind of games.

From platformer,rpg,scroll side and much more with just simple drag to drop system and easy learning code,with full site and video tutorial,this software is easy to understand but hard to start a make game.