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Published July 29, 2019

ninja platformer steam

Hello visitors and supporter, my game will be added as I finish to steam.I know that steam is one of the biggest gaming places where people find all kind of games.

ninja platformer stem

I hope I will finish my game end of this year and will be published next year on steam, my game will be low price with many other factors and focusing on a young and adult audience.

I start to design my game this year at January and still, this game is in developer mode, each level in the game will be complex than other, and each level has unique design and arts in-game.

Game maker ninja

I start this game to develop in-game maker, this is one of the best software to build own small game, and yes this software is good for anybody who wants to learn and start creating and design own game.

ninja platformer steam is my first mission to do, after I test, play more than 5 times each level is tested more than 5 times, I want to make minimal bugs or glitch in the game.

How to start own game company as a solo developer

If you have an idea for game,and you think that this will be something go for that, avoid anything or anybody who is non gamer to tell you that this is waste of money, just start own company, and make first game, if you fail as the first project that is not failing its just learning by mistake,then make money by fail the first fails.

Support my work or ask me anything about my game or game developing in-game maker, I am still learning but I can make you anything you need to know, I hope you will check my demo game and ask me anything about it.