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Published August 5, 2019

ninja platformer gamer

Ninja platformer is game where you need to

-Avoid, hide and seek

-Pick up stuff

-Old nostalgy games

-Its system like super Mario bros

Ninja platformer gamer

Hello to all my followers this game is a simple jumper system, I use to convert this game from gm1 to gm2, and best of this game will be updated monthly and only available at the steam official account, and official account.

My game is a mix of

-Arts, mechanic system

-Each level of the game is designed differently than other

-I use many arts from another artist that i support them and each artist is unique and best for my game, support them.

Artis for my ninja platformer games

Ninja Platformer Games

Big thanks to the artist who make arts in my game, support them if you like there arts like me.

An artist who help my game


All this artist work hard to create and make this pack of art, I hope you will follow them or support like me.

Game maker ninja

My game is still in develop edition,and full game will be soon published,this game is created by game maker 1 but will be converted to game maker 2,soon as possible my game will be only on steam and official site is only this and, avoid any other free download of this game as you know many other will make false name of game,this game will be simple and complex for many others.

I start this game as learning and hope I will finish and be happy if someone buys this game, as I am a solo developer this game will be updated every month with 2 levels more.

If you have any questions just ask me anything i will be answer soon as possible,but i am almost 24/7 online