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Published June 27, 2019

ninja platformer game

Ninja platformers is a game created by one person with game maker studio. This game is mix adventure, pixel and puzzle platformer and all you need is collect keys to get another level.

ninja platformers game is an action, adventure game with mix pixel and puzzle actions.

Art and ninja are created by artist, and other art in the game is bought from another artist from itchio site, and some of the art is drawn by me.

ninja platformer games|ideas before start develop a game

Before you start a develop a game,make sure to follow some of this steps.

Focus on game arts,story and mission for game,before you start a develop a game,find what is easy way to create some easy games.

Lot of developer that create small game focus on how to make money from game,this is your last steps,before you can make a simple game,you will waste your money and time by focus how to be milioner by creating your own first game.

Give something new in game,like picture above show you something that you will never see in other game,i just add a cpu and ram usability.

Its something that is no need to be in game,but i think that some people will find this pretty good idea for platformer game.

As you play you will see how much this game use your cpu and ram.

2d platformer |from nothing to something

When i buy game maker in 2016 i almost 3 years later was at 0 project.

And the best part of this I pay 700 euro for game maker master collection, I was like another developer who dreams to build a game that will give me money, but true is without something you will be nothing.

Game maker is perfect software for people who want to create simple or complex game its your choice,but for start use platformer game as your first project.

Its easy to learn and focus on story and objective for your game,lot of developer just get out of focus when create a game,using to much effects in game,or fancy cgi something is worst for game,make it simple and fun.

Platformer games|From scratch or engine

Before you start anything,find some good engine on marketplace for game maker,there is lot of good demo engine of any type of games.

You have to chose demo engine as your prototype of game,i use engine and make a platformer,if you start from scratch is good idea you will learn more but hard,as you need to know basic move of player,enemy and object,but with demo engine of any type you have built in a

walk, run, jump, slide, attack and much more, and you have done the beginning of the game.

Click on this link to see the example of a platformer game engine that can be used for your first project, this is just an example.

Game maker platformer | Demo before publish a game

This is something that all new developer make a mistake,before you sell your game make some demo to play,i want to see little bit of game before i buy full game.

Avoid ads in game,do not make that user must buy something before they play a game or anything that will disturb a user and focus on pay2play.

Make small forum board or official site,ask users what they want to see in game,report a bug,ask them what they like or not.Make button to report any glitch or bug in game.

Make small rewards as part of your game,this will make users to play and focus on your game.

What I make to reward users who report a bug, I will put his name at credits of the game, and small statue with his name in the game…

one person game developer | game made by one person 2019 true of lies

From online article this is lies,but true is simple yes you can make game by self,its not easy job and dont think that you will make lot of money as your first project.but you will learn much from your fails.

People who fails think that nobody as alone developer can make a game this is wrong,if you focus on one project you can make a game,its easy and fun to creating a simple game.

Just avoid to make complex game at start and think that your game will be AAA,focus on small indie games with small niche of people that will play a game.

ninja platformer game

Update my six level of game is finished,I hope end of year this game will be public,demo is ready to play on link above.

Small update about my game work,i will put i next level maybe parallax background as i have good backgrounds arts,and enemy will be added,basic attack,avoid for now.

This is just simple update about my platformers game that will be published at end of this year i hope.

Level design game maker

Little bit update about my game,i am current at level 7,and this level is different then other,style and playing level is hard and complex then other.Each level i make complex and harder then other,each level will be created complex and hard.

The video above shows a little bit of my level design I use dark forest pack from itchio, be sure to visit itchio this pack is amazing.I hope you will support and follow my works.


My game is still in developer time, but I have to work my real job, so this month will be a little bit slow down the progress of my game, but follow me for news, updates, and steps for my game.


Just finished level 7 in my platformer ninja game,this level is full art desing from itchio.I use dark forest pack,best pack for platforers game or any other type.
Now i have only 13 more level to do.
Game maker level editor

I have designed my level with different style, each level in my game is different looks and complex.I hope you will have fun, and stay updated on this site about my game.

After I finish a game, every month you will have an update with 2 more levels in the game, and each update will bring more new stuff in the game.


Today I will start with my 8 LVL design and this level will bring more complex and hard to finish them then other before, after a short delay I am happy to say that i will start each free time make one level more, I hope you will support me and like my work.