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Published July 5, 2019

ninja parkour games

Ninja parkour is my game that i mix with other type of game,this is my first project where i mix more then one game inside game maker.

Today I finish my six levels for now, and what can I say the game is currently going from easy to complex.

Before you comment or anything this game is current in work progress and end will be little bit different.

My game is simple jumper mixed with pixel,puzzle,adventure platformer this is something that i create in game maker,i avoid to create one type of game where you have just jump or pickups,this is little bit complex game mixed with much more stuff in game.

ninja parkour games

In this game i use my own sounds,and arts is created by many artist from itchio sites,and ninja is created by my friends from school.And i like it,its small,nice and unique.

I start my solo developer and I hope I will make some good projects in my aside job as a solo developer of platformer game, this is the first project that I start to build.

Game maker platformer like parkours games

My platformer game is mix with parkour jump style i get idea by ninja warriors that i look at tv,yes its crazy how you get idea from some tv show.I use this as my new style type of game,with mix everything in one games.

I hope you will support me or ask anything about games,developing or need help with your own games.

I hope this article help you little bit about my new style of game,i hope you will comment,like and share my article or ask me on some of my social sites.

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