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Published July 23, 2019

ninja jump

Hello in this article,i want to just tell you that this is first my game created and design with game maker studio, working almost half years on this game i was able to create one of the complex and mixed game ever seen.

ninja jump

Before i start talking about my game this is some of the tips for solo developers. Avoid to make a game focused on money-grabbing, make a game to be fun for play. not pay2win.

My first game ninjas are about the mix between pixel art, normal art,hd arts and mixed with platformer, action, jump game. Its complex game mixed with much more than regular platformers game on the marketplace.

Solo developer fails and success

The worst scenario for the solo developer is to stop doing own projects after they fail on the first project, but many solo developers didn’t know that first project is successful for they learn, making and design own project game, its doesn’t matter if you have small sales for own game, its all about learning before earning money.

My strategy is to focus the game on a young and adult audience, but most of my game is design mixed level with pixel arts, and normal HD arts, its most of this art form itchio sites where the cheap price of any arts for the game is almost cheap on the internet.

My game will be updated after I finish, every month with a new level, arts, and missions, as a solo developer I learn in a 6-month lot of stuff and thing about gaming developer with game makers. It’s easy and fun to make a game in this software and you can make always something new for the gaming world.

Ask anything you think that you need to know, any questions I will be happy to answers. And any support will help me as I like to see what people really like it.