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Published July 21, 2019

ninja jump game

In this short article, I want to close my strategy and project about my game as a solo developer. This game I start as a fun project, but now it will be fully coded and design a game, I will end this game and publish at steam, and hope I will have little success with sales. I know that this is the last and hard action to make money from own works.

ninja jump game

Marketing is hard steps for any solo developer, this is something that is most difficult for all solo developer games. You need to find a good strategy to make better sales.

Seo vs facebook ads vs lucky

Using some of this will bring you sales, let’s talk about SEO for your own game, any developer must have an official website to promote and write articles about game updates and own works. Seo is really hard but will bring you focused audience to your own game, but be smart and write good quilty articles about own game work and gaming world or tutorials.

Seo will start work for some sites after 4 days, but the true result after 6 months to 1 year, with 2 articles weekly update.

What that means for you, it’s mean that you need to write every week 2 articles with minimal 1000 words per articles, with link built inside articles. Close people to read all your article with satisfaction.

Seo game strategy is for long term money-making,it means that you will need to find small niche keywords and index your site to 1st page of Google, and you can have success with sales every month by index you site to 1st page of google.

Facebook ads sponsored link is fast way to gain followers, and fast roll to see how many sales you will have, play with this with small amount of money just to see how people will react to your game, its not lie but this kind is good and bad to do,first you can spend a lot of money without any sales,and it can be viral and make money in no time and faster than doing SEO sites.