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Published July 22, 2019

ninja action game

Ninja actions game is a type of game where I put much more than just one type of game inside.

This game is different then any other you will play, and my mission is to keep it update each month by two-level. So this game will be updated almost every month.

ninja action game

This game is an inspiration by many other platformers,where I put my own ideas, and give users different experience by playing each level in the game.

This game has something unique than other game, but still, like all other platformer, you will find something new, better and fresh in platformer games.

Ninjas actions art is design by my friends and still will be edited and design for better movements and maybe will be added battle mode in the game.

ninja platformer games

When you start to design a game, find focus what game will be, and type of game, avoid making a game for money, that will come later, focus on fun, unique style and make the user experience something new in the game created from small game maker developer.

This is my first project as solo game maker developer after many years delay now I start my mission and project to build and design a game for the first time, as all developer I hope that people will like my project and game that I start making.

Support ninja official platformer game

I hope you will support me at some of the social sites, and be sure to ask anything that you want or its not on any article on this site, I will answer on any questions that you ask me.

I hope I will give you an idea and inspiration for own games developer

Without ideas or unique game,its hard to become a developer game.