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Published June 26, 2019

how to make a platformer game

how to make a platformer game

Before we start to talk about the platformer game, this is something that you need to know.

Any type of game developer or design is not easy, but with the right tools and your hard work, you can make a simple or complex game.

In this article, I will write about the game maker and how to make a platformer game in some simple easy step by step.

How to make a platformer game/game maker engine

First, you need to know if you want to start from scratch or buy some cheap engine on the marketplace and use own assets after you buy an engine.

It is easy, buying some engine with standard code inside will make you easy to learn some of the first steps creating own platformer game.

How to make a platformer game/guide to start own platformer

Before you start something to create, just make these rules, learn before you earn money from the game.

Make some plane about the game, what will the game be, and mission in the game.

Avoid making a game that will be full o full o in-app money grabber.

Nobody likes to spend in-game money that is created for fun.

Make something new in the game, a story that is different then any other you see.

How to make a platformer game / Artist vs paid assets

This is something that all we need to know, what about game design.

First off, use own character in the game that player will play with.

Do not buy some assets from the website, if you buy something that is on a public domain, that means that thousand or more people use the same character in other games.

Find some good artist and make something unique, other assets like trees, wood, or anything you can buy, or something simple you can draw with some good software that is cheap on the marketplace.

How to make a platformer game/game maker platformer

The game maker is one of the best software to create a simple or hard game.

You have a good community, tutorials are almost free on youtube or forum boards.

Easy to understand the code, and you can hire a programmer for some complex ideas.

How to make a platformer game / social media power of hashtags

This is something that any developer or artist must have. Use Instagram, twitter, and facebook to make more audience to your game and products.

Use Instagram and official website is something that is must have.

How to make a platformer game / paid vs demo

Yes before you finish your game, make some small demo, just to see how the audience will love I or hate it.

Give your users to see your work, before they buy, talk with them about what to add or change it.

How to make a platformer game/bug report and rewards

Give something to users who buy a game as rewards, that will be good for growing your audience to game, add at end of the game some of the credits for your supporter in projects.

Make a bug report to the web or social media

How to make a platformer games/users idea

This is key to success in the game, ask your audience what they want to see in the game

Something like this will make more attractive to the community of your game if users give you some idea to make better or add something that they will like it.