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Published August 2, 2019

gamemaker studio review

First hello to all visitors from everywhere this is an honest review about one of the best 2d software for making simple, complex or any type of game you like it.

What is best about this software

-It’s easy to learn

-Good community boards, tutorials

-Cheap marketplace for games, engines, and scripts

-A lot of solo developer make good money or get rich by making games and go viral

gamemaker studio review

The game maker is one of the best software for a young or adult audience with the perfect interface and easy code to learn, you can make from simple game to complex.

Many people who start working with this app is an awesome creator but focus on just one engine for game design. Avoid one mistake when you stuck on something and try to find a way to fix, do not stop or change engine will just bring you down.

Many people like to ask is game maker good or bad, do I need to use some other engine I see better or more tutorials.

Stuck with one engine and learn it, avoid after fails or anything to stop using that engine,i was like that after 3 years of delay i am now good at game maker and fast learning.

gamemaker studio review and design arts

Game makers have perfect for the artist who can make good 2d arts, and easy interface drag and drop system will make you really good at design a simple left, right movements.

Price for the game maker is really good and for me cheap at the internet,i use the master collection for 700 euro and this price is really small what you will have and what you can make from this piece of software.

Ask, comment or try demo game ninja platformer games classic game old school time.