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Published July 30, 2019

game dev story guide combinations

game dev story guide combinations this is my story how to start a game, without or with little bit knowledge in the game world.

Before you start creating or design a game, you need to focus on some object that must be in 1st place.

First find what engine you will use to build a game, in my case is a game maker studio master collection.

Before you create or start to build a game this is some of tips and hints.

-Build a game for fun and community

-Make unique things, objects, arts for own game

-Mix your game with more than 1 game type, not just focusing on one game type, but more than one.

-Design a game level and story different and complex than any other game you play. as 2d developing a game I use more thing and focusing on fun and much more to join people to play something really new in-game world.

-Make game f2p not p2w

game dev story guide combinations

When I start my first game ninja platformer game I just learn that from the complex you can learn easy to make any game type in-game maker, it’s mean that by each month you have more knowledge in the design and build a game, by removing any fails by past month. And after almost 6 months I have good learning by game maker studio and my game each level is more good looking and complex, but I use and focus on more that is

-Each level is a different style of arts

Each level is a different game style and type

I use game GUI to read different type than other game will show to players (ram, CPU usage)

My game will be something different and I make a game for young and old audience, this game will be after published, I will still update and fixing a bug in the game, but my mission is each month build two-level more.