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game dev quotes

Welcome to my game devs quotes and questions vs answers. In this short article, you will find some questions and answer that you will not find in any articles on site. Be sure to read all my stuff from this page before ask me something that you know or didn’t find on these sites.

Questions & Answer

I start with game maker studio master collection, this is my first software for game developer and best for me as solo developer, easy, fast and nice community boards and tutorial all over the internet
This is trick questions, sometimes take a long time to make your first game. But as a developer, I start making my first games almost 6 months ago, and still, I am in the middle of finishing my first game.
Yes but there is a complex situation, after finish game, there is marketing and sponsoring your game and that cost you more than your game, if you want to publish a game, you need to do marketing, from SEO, social sites and much more.
Best to publish is steam and itchio these two sites is one of the best and have a lot of audiences who buying and looking at any type of games.
Personal I use a lot of additional tools to make some effects or animations. 1.Aseprite 2.Juice Fx 3.Pixel fx desinger Or any tools that I buy from the official marketplace of the game maker or
Personal I will tell you to start with a platformer, as this type of game can be simple or complex that is on you, but platformer is simple like super Mario bros, you just put objects, missions without using complex code or scripts.
This is your choice,but I start with an engine that I buy on the marketplace, but for best learning start from scratch with a simple player jump, run, left, right, slide.
There is no price for that, there is a lot of stuff to see and review, but current I spend about 800 euros or dollar on this game. Arts,hosting,scripts is my fav site for small pixel arts and many other things.
Thanks, soon as finish my game will be at a steam.but demo are free to play.

game dev quotes

I am solo developer working on my first game after 3 years delay,and after six months i can say that i am proud how i am learning fast to making a simple platformer game,i am sure that after i finish my first project will start new.

This help me to break some rules,and think that as solo developer you cant make a game,that is not a true,you can make as solo developer.

Ninja official questions

I will update this sites with my questions and answers,this is just help desk page,there will not be anything else,except Q&A.

I hope you will support me,and hope will follow my work at future of any type.I just want to see how will this first project go and how much will i make from my game as solo developer without traning just youtube and community boards i start my solo developer a side job carrere.

My game ninja platformer is mix puzzle,arcade,action,jumping game where you play as ninja and must pick up six keys to go next level,each level in game is complex then other,and different style of level is created by pixel or normal arts.Its mixed with many other thing in game.

Explore and avoid traps,enemy and be first to finish game.This is my first mix style game type with lot of different that standard platformer games on marketplace.

I hope you will support me or ask anything that you need to know or didint find on this site,just ask me or comment below.