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Published July 12, 2019

adventure platformer

My game is not just a standard type of game. You have a little bit of adventure inside a game. This game will be amazing, but with more different style then other games platformers you see.

adventure platformer

Before I start making a game, I have a good plan and steps for my games developing, this game will be different in any way you see,sound of rain is recorded with blue yeti pro microphone, I use my own type of sound in game,that is the only thing I will do by my self, making game sound, creepy, nice background,

If you read an article on my site you will see how easy and complex building or design a game is, simple game at a look, but complex when you start to design them, and most of the developer fails at the start.

My steps to solo developer

My solo steps were fails at the start, I buy game maker master edition at 2016, and after almost 3 years of delay, I finale start creating from 2019, at January, and finale I am able to learn more than back in 2016. Most of my fails were that I focusing on earn, but the best thing is to focus on funny game and playable to be for the audience.

Creating a game is challenge and each day you learn more,but focus on many thing in game,as me I put adventure style, parkour, puzzle and much more type in game, then using single type of game, And yes as small game developer build each level different than others, by arts and complex of playing a game.

I hope you will follow my project and support me at my work as a solo developer i hope you will find an article that will help and give the inspiration to start own game project developing.